What Is Your Compliance Issues With Your Spill Response In Auckland?

An interesting new spill response Auckland plan has been released following a recent incident in Auckland. The incident involved a magnetic sweeping machine that was being used by the KP Group in a private building in Auckland. The machine is designed to remove hard water and detergent spills from building surfaces. It was found that the machine was incorrectly installed and did not fit with the specification of the building’s owner who had originally placed it there. This led to several complaints being made to the building’s property manager and the operator who placed it there.

After an extensive search, the operators have settled matters with the property owner and this report details the results of the investigation. The spill response Auckland plan was not affected in any way by the spill. KP did contact the Police following the incident and they provided them with the information needed. They also asked the Police to inspect the site to look for signs of a response plan to be implemented. The Police accepted the recommendation and told KP that they would continue to monitor the site to ensure it was operating according to spec. They also advised them that it would be best for them to not operate the machine on the same day as the spill occurred.

The Police also recommended that no public access is allowed to the site until the investigation into the cause of the spill was complete. This request was later honoured by the owners. Public access will not likely be allowed until the investigations are completed, which could take several weeks or months. Safety concerns have been raised regarding the delay in public access and it is unknown when the public may be able to enter the site. However, once all investigations are complete, the access will likely be permitted again.

There was another complaint made to the Police regarding the use of the magnetic sweeping device. According to the owners, the machine was placed at the wrong location causing it to pick up too much material. The police were not able to find evidence that this happened as there were no reports of the device picking up anything. It is not clear if the complain was valid however they have stated that they will investigate.

It is important to remember that the Police are conducting an investigation into the cause of the spill and not necessarily about the spill response Auckland plan that were in place. It will be interesting to follow the progress of the investigation but for the time being it appears that there is no problem. The Police have confirmed that all material on the spill site has been removed. This included rubber gloves, protective clothing and masks. It also included polypropylene washing that had been spread across the entire spill plan.

The spill response Auckland plan did not include the use of foam and barriers to contain the leak. The Police have said that they are not sure why this was not included and that they are waiting for further advice from the company who operate the building wash services plan. If the company can provide them with the answers then they may consider changing their plan. They are not ruling anything out however and have said that this could happen.

The company who operates the building wash services plan were not called by the Police and a member from the company was present during the response. They have said that they stand by all their building wash services protocols and procedures. It is likely though that they will carry out further research into what went wrong. It will also be interesting to watch the progress of the Police investigation.

The building wash services plan is set up to deal with spills of hazardous materials and the general public must make sure that they follow it strictly. There is a big difference between a spill and a grease fire or oil leak. Oil is more slippery than the other liquids and it has the potential to spread quickly. If the public does not follow the instructions set out in the building wash services plan, then they run the risk of causing serious damage. It is important to always follow the guidelines from your building wash services so that you don’t cause more damage than is necessary. Consult KP Group today!